Saturday, 10 February 2018

My Beauty Products - Part 1

With the abundance of beauty product reviews found on product websites, blogs and videos on YouTube, I thought I would join in and review the products I have tried. I have alot of products I use regularly, some I have experimented with, and some I would like to purchase in the future to try. My Beauty Products will be a series in which I discuss five (5) products I have tried, what I thought about them (or what I did not like about them) and if I would continue to use them in the future. 

As my first My Beauty Products post, I picked some of my favourite products I use regularly. So here goes! 

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and/or make a purchase.   

Origins GinZing - Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff

I received this product as a sample with my Origins online purchase (along with about 9 other samples which was great!). It came in a small 17oz/5ml container but had enough product for well over a dozen applications. The product is rose/tan in colour when squeezed from the container but blends completely into the skin upon application. There is also a slight shimmer in the liquid when applying which helps brighten. I'm not sure the science of how makeup can depuff your eyes after a sleepness night, but this product does what it claims to do and I would definitely purchase this product after sampling it. Origins is also one of my favourite skin care lines so I am not surprised that their eye cream was also a hit. 

Finger Paints Nail Color in Art History 101

One of my favourite go-to nail polish colours, purchased from Sally Beauty Supply. It looks like a tan with pink undertones. The nail polish applies easily and dries quickly. Online it claims you only need one-coat to apply the polish but I always use two thin coats instead for better colour coverage. Overall, this is my go-to nail polish when I just want a classic neutral colour that goes well with anything during any season. 

Love Etc... Body Butter from The Body Shop

I have had this body butter by the Body Shop in my drawer for a couple years now so I do not think you can purchase this scent anymore. It only has about an 1/8th of a container of moisturizer left so I am definitely finishing it up due to winter and my alligator skin. I am a huge fan of the Body Shop's Body Butter line and have tried a few different scents over the years including Love Etc., Almond, and Cocoa Butter. The body butters are great if you need heavy moisturizing. They are thick but apply and absorb easily into the skin. A great body moisturizer for after shaving or winter dry skin. I highly recommend. 

Nail Polish Remover Pump - Regular with Vitamin A by KIT

I purchased this nail polish remover from Rexall Pharma Plus (I believe KIT is their makeup brand - though I could be wrong). In the past I have always purchased bottles of nail polish remover without the pump, which can be messy and smelly when the bottle is open. I purchased this pump and am converted! It is easy to apply the remover to a cotton pad and the product isn't exposed to the air unless you purposefully pump it out. I am never going back. This nail polish remover is purple in colour which does not affect the product but makes for pretty packaging. It also advertises that it is made with vitamin A, which I am assuming makes it better for your nails but nail polish remover is full of chemicals so I do not think it makes that much of a difference.  

Olay Moisturizing Cream

As mentioned earlier, Origins is one of my favourite skin lines, though its prices are not always practical. When I sadly ran out of my go-to moisturizer, Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer, I decided to try a more affordable one by Olay. I was interested in Olay because my mother has been using their moisturizer her entire life. I am about 1/2 way through their moisturizing cream and the product does what it is intended to do. I usually use it in the mornings after washing my face and it keeps my skin soft and protects it from the dry winter. While I am content with the product, I still prefer Origins moisturizer, which is thinner and feels more hydrating without feeling as heavy. Olay is great on a budget and I would buy their products again if I was short on cash, but Origins is still my #1 choice.  

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