Friday, 30 March 2018

Friday Favourites (New Post Series)

New post series! 

Over the last week I've been researching how to improve my content planning strategies. Since I began running this blog two months ago I have been writing on the fly without planning when content will be posted and what that content will be. I was still figuring out my niche. 

I am excited for April because I will be putting into practice the skills I recently learned to plan my content better. This means that you can expect more consistency from me.

This leads me to introduce a new type of post I will be writing.      

Each Friday I will post a list called "Friday Favourites". This will give me the opportunity to share with you the best things I have come across online over the last seven days. These things can be favourite blogs, Instagrammers, home finds, fashion ensembles, recipes, quotes, phone app etc. 

I literally live on my laptop now and come across a lot of interesting posts, products and people. I share many of my finds on my Pinterest account so follow me for more! The best of the best will make it into my Friday Favourite posts!

Favourite Blog/Website

I have been following Naturally Ella for a long time and pinning so many of her recipes on Pinterest it's unreal.

Her website is full of delicious photography of her recipes, which are all healthy, vegetarian and made with natural ingredients.  

Favourite Instagrammer

@pforwords is the Instagram account for the blogger Taylor over at It is full of images showing her zero-waste lifestyle. Her commitment to sustainable living is inspiring and she aims to educate people on how they can incorporate zero-waste habits in their life too.

Favourite Home Find

This pillow!

This find is pretty self explanatory why I love it! It's cute, it's purple and it has a sassy message about books!

Favourite Fashion Ensembles

I'm definitely not a trend setter myself when it comes to fashion but I can appreciate a good outfit! These three are my favourite Pinterest finds this week. 

Favourite App

Google Snapseed is one of the best free photograph manipulation phone apps I have found so far. There are others like VSCO and Afterlight that have a lot of in-app purchases but Google Snapseed has by far been the most helpful for me.

That's it for this week! What is everyone doing over the long weekend? I will be finishing The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. 


  1. I'm gonna have to go check out that blog and Instagram account, they look great!

    1. Check back in a couple weeks! If all goes well I'll be posting an interview with Taylor, the owner of @pforwords and the blog of the same name.

  2. So honored to have been featured, thank you so much!! :) (And looking forward to the interview, coming soon!)


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