Saturday, 10 March 2018

Loblaws Grocery Haul

This is my first ever grocery haul post! I'm super excited because I have always loved seeing everyone elses hauls and now I'm sharing my own.

Want to see the food items I bought this week?! Below is what I was able to purchase for $66.47 after tax. Some of the items were a splurge and cost more and others I chose because they were on sale so it balances itself out.

I highly recommend Loblaws grocery store if you live in Ontario (though there are a few in Alberta and British Columbia too!). The prices might not be as good as Walmart or Food Basics, but there are more brands to select from, more variety of produce and the quality of their produce is much higher, the store is just pleasant to visit as it is usually clean and orderly, and its a great store for organic, natural foods or specialty diet products (next to Whole Foods of course).

Without further ado here is my grocery haul from Loblaws.


Egg Bread - $3.29
PC Tortillas Wraps - pkg 10 for $3.99
Daiya Dairy-Free Alfredo Cheezy Mac - $4.49


PC Organics Baby Spinach - $5.00
Avocado - 3 for $5.07
Broccoli - $1.99
Asparagus - $1.70
Brussel Sprouts - $3.92
Shiitake Mushroom Bulk - $0.62 (the cashier accidently put them in as cremini)
Shallot - 350g for $2.49

Dairy/Dairy Alternatives

Silk Almond Unsweetened Original Beverage - $2.79
Zerto Original Shredded Parmesan Cheese - $7.39


Dozen Large Eggs - $2.27
Lightlife Tempeh Original - $4.99
Can't Mess It Up Teryaki Cilantro Lime Wild Pink Salmon - $9.99


Quaker Buttermilk Blueberry Muffin Mix - $3.49
Clubhouse Organic Oregano - $2.99

That's everything! Looking forward to making Tempeh Hash With Brussel Sprouts by Oh My Veggies this week. Yum!  

If you enjoyed this post share your thoughts in the comments below! I'd like to see all of your grocery hauls. 

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