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10 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Pinterest Manager

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Pinterest…the search engine disguised as a social media channel. It’s the place to discover new products and get inspired by beautiful home decor and DIY photographs. So why should you consider hiring a virtual Pinterest Manager and share your business on the platform?

Long story short, Pinterest is unique and should be part of your social media strategy. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest uses keyword searches to provide 25 million users with the right content they are looking for. As a result, users engage more with the content they find and that content continues to drive traffics for weeks, months and even a year after. If you would like the numbers, I go into detail about Pinterest versus other channels in my post, Pinterest Social Media Manager – That’s Me!

So why hire a virtual Pinterest Manager? They are specialized experts that focus entirely on marketing your business on Pinterest. They are capable of implementing the right strategies to get your content in front of the right people. Pinterest is a long-term game and Pinterest Managers know up to date best practices to get you the most benefits in the long run.


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1. They can increase traffic, leads, and sales

Marketing online usually has one of two goals – one of those being to increase web traffic, collect leads and make sales. A Pinterest Manager can focus on those goals by creating a long-term marketing strategy to get you the more traffic referrals from Pinterest, sharing landing pages and other content to collect leads and as a result, get you more sales.

2. They can grow brand awareness

If your goal isn’t to increase web traffic, a Pinterest Manager can also focus on growing your brand awareness. Rather than create content to drive traffic back to your website, they can focus on your brand aesthetic and attitude on the platform, while monitoring impressions and engagement.

3. A virtual Pinterest Manager saves you time

Marketing on Pinterest is a time-consuming long-term project. An effective strategy usually involves daily pinning, managing a scheduling program, interacting with group boards and Tribes, pin designing, and analytics monitoring. A virtual Pinterest Manager takes responsibility for these everyday tasks so you can focus on what’s important to you and your business.

4. A virtual Pinterest Manager has specialized knowledge

Unlike a general Social Media Manager or business owner, a Pinterest Manager’s main focus is mastering the platform. They stay up to date on changing algorithms and best practices so you stay ahead of the game. If what you’ve been trying isn’t working it might be time to hire a virtual Pinterest Manager.

5. They can run promoted pin campaigns

Organic traffic is great, however, you also have the ability to create promoted pin campaigns on Pinterest. With a Pinterest Manager, they can manage paid campaigns on the platform. Whether you’re focusing on increasing traffic or brand awareness, a managed campaign can produce results during and continuously after the campaign is finished.

6. A virtual Pinterest Manager is more cost-effective than hiring on employee

If your small business doesn’t have a large budget to hire a full-time in-house social media manager, a freelance virtual manager is a great alternative. Negotiate a rate that works for your business and the freelancer. They are also not restricted by labor laws that control minimum and maximum hours. The freelancer is responsible for paying their own taxes as well. There is a lot of flexibility that makes a freelance Pinterest Manager an ideal solution.

7. They make sense of monitoring, analytics, and reporting

A Pinterest Manager can sift through the numbers and make sense of your analytics. They can track what’s working and what isn’t, seasonal trends, insights into what your audience wants and more. Often times statistical analysis has people running, however, you can hire a Pinterest Manager to handle that among their other tasks.

8. A virtual Pinterest Manager ensures your content will have a longer shelf life

If you’re going to market your content on Pinterest it’s a long-term project. It can take up to two months just to see the beginning of consistent traffic referrals. Achieving consistent results and growth requires consistent daily attention to the management of your strategy. If done properly you will see the benefits weeks, months or even a year after your content is shared. A Pinterest Manager can help you achieve this, especially if you don’t have the time to focus on a strategy.

9. They can create unique, branded pin designs

Some Pinterest Managers offer pin designs as part of their package. A good manager has an eye for graphic design and can create branded eye-catching pins to help share your content. Following Pinterest’s best practices for pin design can keep your content fresh on the platform by producing multiple pins per post or product.

10. Marketing on Pinterest can improve your Google ranking

Lastly, marketing on Pinterest puts more of your links on Google. If one of your goals is to rank higher on Google a Pinterest Manager can help by sharing your content on Pinterest. Keyword-rich pins often appear in Google search results which means more reach for your brand and business!



As a Pinterest Social Media Manager, I’m extremely familiar with Pinterest, in fact, most of my day is spent working on client accounts and keeping up with best practices.

I currently offer several individual services:

  • custom branded pin designs
  • personalized audits
  • business account set up
  • SEO optimizations

And I have my ongoing monthly Pinterest Management package that includes all the services above as well as:

  • analytics monitoring
  • monthly reports
  • unlimited email support

If you would like to learn more about the individual and custom packaged services I offer click through to my business page. You can also skip to my portfolio where you’ll get an idea about my rate and see some pin design examples.

Questions? Send them to sarah.fournier@caffeineandconquer.com

Let’s chat soon!






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