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101 Things in 1001 Days List

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Inspired by a friend’s blog and the need to feel motivated and accomplished post-college, I have decided to embark upon the journey of creating and completing a 101 Things in 1001 Days list.

The challenge takes approximately 2.7 years to complete and involves a variety of short and long term goals. This makes this goal-setting method great because it does not involve committing to a task for an indefinite amount of time like those of New Years Resolutions or create goals with no set timeline such as “bucket lists”. I am definitely guilty of telling myself that “I will eat healthier” every time a new year passes by and that is quickly forgotten a month later. The 101 in 1001 goal planning method provides enough time to accomplish the objectives while giving a sense of achievement along the way as you cross off each one.

By publishing this list on my blog I am hoping it will hold me accountable and inspire my blog content. Each month I will update my progress and I hope that it will inspire others to do the same.

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101 Things in 1001 Days List

START DATE: February 1, 2018
END DATE: October 29, 2020

Last Updated: November 18, 2019

Bold = completed | Italics = in progress | Strikethrough = no longer applicable

Completed: 28/101
In Progress: 9/101


(1) Earn a full-time income through self-employment
(2) Attend a blogging networking event
(3) Get an award for my blog
(4) Write and sell an e-book
(5) Get G1 license
(6) Paint 5 new paintings for Sarah’ndipity Studio Co. (0/5)
(7) Sell a painting on Sarah’ndipity Studio Co.
(8) Create social media accounts for Sarah’ndipity Studio Co.
(9) Get a professional headshot done
(10) Get a freelance writing gig
(11) Purchase a domain for the blog
(12) Attend a blogger conference


(13) Pay off credit card in full
(14) Create a grocery budget and stick to it for three months
(15) Create a budget
(16) Put $10 into savings for every item checked off
(17) Move into own apartment
(18) Get PC Mastercard to lower interest rate
(19) Sell hamster cage on KIJIJI
(20) Make a payment to OSAP


(21) Read 20 books I already own (4/20)
(22) Read 20 new books (1/20)
(23) Finish all the Game of Thrones books (4/5)
(24) Write a book review for each book read for two years (read them here)
(25) Take a paid blogging course
(26) Read a book in French
(27) Listen to 10 personal development TED Talks (6/10)
(28) Listen to 10 personal development podcast episodes (10/10)
(29) Learn how to take good blog photographs
(30) Learn to sew an article of clothing
(31) Learn how to knit
(32) Read a personal development book related to online businesses
(33) Take a public speaking class


(34) Adjust sleep schedule to be up no later than 7am
(35) Get up at 6:00am or earlier for two weeks
(36) Go to bed before 10:00pm every night for two weeks
(37) Lose 10lb
(38) Lose 20lb
(39) Go to the gym 3 times a week for 3 months
(40) Eat vegetarian for 1 month
(41) Eat vegan for 1 month
(42) Complete one round of Whole30
(43) Meditate with Headspace upon waking for 30 days in a row (0/30)
(44) Go one month without Second Cup or Starbucks
(45) Make a morning routine and stick to it for one month
(46) Visit the dentist
(47) Walk 10,000 steps a day every day for a week
(48) Drink 32oz of water a day every day for a week
(49) Go one month without take-out
(50) Wake up with the sunrise


(51) Shop and purchase 5 new complete outfits (0/5)
(52) Purchase an article of clothing from Flock Boutique
(53) Take a class
(54) Visit 5 local cafes in Ottawa (1/5)
(55) Journal every day for a month
(56) Go one week with no television/Netflix
(57) Clean out email inbox
(58) Visit the new Canada History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History
(59) Visit the new Canadian Science and Technology Museum
(60) Visit the National Gallery of Canada
(61) Try 5 new wines (0/5)
(62) Get a tattoo
(63) Take the train somewhere
(64) Go see a movie (saw The Secret Life of Pets 2)
(65) Try 30 new recipes (10/30)
(66) Make a dessert from one of my cookbooks I own
(67) Bake something with matcha green tea in it
(68) Post two blog postings a month for a year
(69) Learn how to do makeup like Zooey Deschanel “Jessica Day” look
(70) Purchase a DSL camera
(71) Participate in bar trivia night
(72) Go out with a friend
(73) Participate in a book club
(74) Increase Instagram following to 200 followers
(75) Go hiking
(76) Reconnect with someone I’ve fallen out of touch with
(77) Visit the Lansdowne farmers market
(78) Paint ceramics
(79) Go on a date
(80) Finish cross-stitch project
(81) Rewatch all the Gilmore Girls seasons
(82) Visit a zero-waste grocery store
(83) Go completely zero-waste for 1 week
(84) Buy a reusable coffee mug
(85) Purchase a new purse (I got 2 from Ardenes!)
(86) Attend a vernissage
(87) Go to 5 Art Battles (0/5)
(88) Knit a beanie hat
(89) Knit mittens
(90) Have a potluck with roommates
(91) Make a surprise visit to Cornwall
(92) Get hair cut
(93) Visit an African restaurant
(94) Catch up on Game of Thrones tv show
(95) Attend a play/concert at the NAC (Going to see The Strumbella’s February 1st, 2020)
(96) Get a piercing
(97) Get mentioned by another blog
(98) Make a 101 things in 1001 days list
(99) Finish the Skyrim storyline
(100) Make a vegetarian Wellington
(101) Visit Cornwall Community Museum

I want to know, do you have a 101 Things in 1001 Days list and blog about your progress? Share your link in the comments below! 






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