How to Craft Your Perfect Morning Routine – Authentic to YOU

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If you’re like me, you’ve likely seen YouTuber’s touting the benefits of THE MORNING ROUTINE. This is usually followed by clips of them waking up at 5 am, meditating, exercising, journaling, doing their skincare routine, reading, lemon water, and probably more.

All their morning rituals tend to look the same, which leads to us “non-morning folks” to expect all morning routines to be that way…but they aren’t. 

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This is the premise on which Amy Schmittauer Landino wrote her book, Good Morning Good Life. Her goal is to help you build the perfect morning routine for YOU, distractions and all. She knows that there’s no one size fits all and is helping her readers come to that realization too. 

Continue reading for my full review of Good Morning Good Life by Amy Landino and how you can get your hands on a copy. 

Quick Info

Good Morning Good Life: 5 Simple Habits to Master Your Mornings and Upgrade Your Life by Amy Schmittauer Landino

Published By: Gatluw House
Publication Date: December 1st, 2019
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

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Book cover for Good Morning Good Life by Amy Schmittauer Landino

My Takeaways On Building A Morning Routine The Landino Way

Before we dive into my top takeaways from Good Morning Good LifeI just want to mention how much I loved this book. If you’re someone who needs help crafting their morning routine or finding more time in your day, you definitely need to have this book in your life. 

Now onto what I took away from it!

Why You Should Have a Morning Routine

The answer isn’t because everyone else is doing it. Au contraire my friend. Amy shares her motives for designing the perfect morning routine and I have to say it’s pretty spot-on:

I’m not a morning person. I’m a life person. Life doesn’t start after you bumble your way through years of following society’s directions and then retiring. Life is right now. And, right now is all you’ve been promised. 

In other words, she doesn’t get up at 5 am because she loves it. She’s up before dawn because she’s designed a life that requires that of her and she is making sure she is using that time effectively. 

So why should YOU have a morning routine? That’s going to depend on your lifestyle as well.

As Amy explains, to have a morning routine you’re not required to wake at 5 am, that’s not the point. The point is to get more focused time in your day for you to conquer the things that are important to you, whether that’s a project or your mental well-being. 

Your Morning Routine Doesn’t Have To Look Perfect

A second point she made really clear early in the book is that there is no one-size-fits-all morning routine. Because of the way they’re portrayed on social media and YouTube we have this idea in our head about how they should be. Then, as a consequence, we avoid designing one for ourselves, out of fear that it’s unrealistic for our lifestyle. 

Setting a goal and achieving it – especially one that you’ve told yourself is completely out of reach – can make an incredible change to your mindset and what you believe you’re capable of doing.

Amy breaks these false beliefs down by making morning routines more flexible. Meaning, you don’t HAVE to get up at 5 am and start your routine if you don’t need to be up at that time. Looking at your work schedule and other obligations you can design your routine around that. 

I hear you Amy, loud and clear! I currently get up at 8 am which works for me as a self-employed freelancer! That’s  MY morning routine. 

Decide, Defy, Rise, Shine and Thrive

Good Morning Good Life is broken down into five unique sections: Decide, Defy, Rise, Shine, and Thrive.

They all build on each other. For example, in Defy, Amy helps you break down the distractions that might be holding you back from a good morning routine. Then, by the time you get to Rise (preparing your evening routine) and Shine (designing your morning routine), the distractions are out of the way so you can focus on the bigger picture. 


When you remove unnecessary questions from your life and focus on only those that are most important, you level up your mindset, almost instantly.

In Decide, the first section of the book, Amy helps you work through your WHY. Why do you want to get up earlier and design a morning routine? 

For me, getting up earlier will give me more time in the day so I can wind down when I’m not working. As my workflow grows, I’ve found myself with less time during the day. A morning routine definitely helps with that. 


No matter our circumstances, all we can do is be the best versions of ourselves if we are brilliant enough to know better. Take control at your best and let go of the rest. 

Defy tackles the distractions that keep us from our best selves in the morning hours. If you have kids you can probably relate to this section as getting your kids ready each morning can be a big block for YOUR morning routine. 

Amy shares her opinion about these distractions and the tools to overcome them so you can put YOU first each day. 


Rise is all about setting yourself up for a restful sleep so you can rise the following morning ready to tackle your routine. 

Here Amy focuses on preparing for sleep, relaxing your body, and calculating the time you need to get your ideal amount of sleep.

What I loved about this section was learning about our sleep and wake “buffer period”. I was already aware that we should avoid electronics before bed to give our bodies a chance to relax, but I never considered we also have a morning buffer period! This is the time after we wake when we still feel groggy and don’t want to get moving. Amy calculates that time in her routine and I swear that info is life-changing! 


No one is telling you that eating the frog first thing in the morning works for everyone. I’m certainly not. I just know what it does for me. But this is about you, not me, so start thinking that way.

I love how flexible Amy is about morning routines, and in Shine, you work through crafting one that is authentic to YOU.

Using her Good Morning Good Life Guidelines, she recommends breaking your morning routine between these 3 types of tasks:

  • Movement
  • Mindfulness
  • Mastery.

For example, getting out of bed to grab a coffee (movement), practicing affirmations (mindfulness), and creative writing (mastery). 

Whether you like to exercise first thing or save it until noon as Amy does, your routine is going to look different than everyone else’s. For example, I like to get to work as soon as possible, especially if there’s creative work involved and I need to be the most focused. I usually wake, feed my cats (movement), make a coffee (more movement), and then I’m at my computer writing (mastery). It works for me!


Lastly, Thrive is kind of a bonus section. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with mornings so much as it helps you uplevel your productivity throughout the rest of your day. 

You can make more money, but you can’t make more time.

If you watch AmyTv on YouTube then you know Amy is the queen of time management. She brings these skills to her latest book with sections on time batching, calendar blocking, and her weekly reflection routine. 

Her reflection routine is something I have never heard about on her channel and can’t wait to implement it in my own business routine in 2020. 

My Rating For Good Morning Good Life

As a fan of Amy Landino, I LOVED Good Morning Good Life because I trust her opinion and resonate with what she shares. 

I really enjoyed how the book was broken down into easily digestible sections that built on each other as you worked through the book. 

There was also a lot of new information I took away from it, which I was surprised about. I assumed a lot of the writing would mirror what Amy shared on AmyTV but she presented a lot of new information!

I did give the book four of 5 stars, however, because I found some section a bit lengthy and wordy, losing track of the main point before she got back to it. Other than that, LOVED it, and recommend it. 

How to Grab a Copy of Good Morning Good Life by Amy Landino

Add it to your Amazon shopping list! You can grab Good Morning Good Life as well as the accompanying Planner on Amazon.

Good Morning Good Life is my January non-fiction book for 2020. As part of my 2020 reading goals, I’ve committed to reading 12 fiction and 12 non-fiction books (1 for each month). You can check out the full list here






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