How To Create Captivating Pins That Get Clicks!

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Marketing your business online is becoming more and more important in this current business climate. With brick and mortar shops closing due to the pandemic it can be a scary time for many of us. However, we’re also seeing e-commerce and online businesses thrive right now! Why? An online business can continue to operate, even during a pandemic, and it’s more important than ever to position your business in this way – and one way you can get your brand online and make sales is through Pinterest marketing and great Pinterest pins.

Pinterest is a visual marketing platform that relies heavily on high-quality graphics and keyword-rich content. I’m not going to go into detail about every aspect of Pinterest marketing here (I cover that in other posts), but instead want to help you with the visual content part – making captivating pin designs that users want to click!

First, we must cover the basics…

Pin Design 101

Image pin design doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, Pinterest has made it clear with their creative recommendations. I’m going to break these down for you before we get into the nitty-gritty of designing these graphics!

Visually Compelling

First and foremost, your pins need to be eye catching. Bright color combinations, beautiful lifestyle or product imagery, and appropriate typography, when combined, can creating visually compelling graphics.

If you don’t have access to your own photography and graphic design makes you want to run, don’t worry. I’ll show you later on where you can get amazing stock images for your pins and how to combine fonts without breaking a sweat.

High-Quality, Vertical Images

Pinterest recommends creating pins in 2:3 aspect ratio (such as 1000 x 1500 px or 600 x 900 px). They’ve warned that any sizes outside that ratio risk getting cropped in the Pinterest feed.

The 2:3 aspect ratio isn’t the end all be all, however, it is their standard size. I’ve successfully used long-form pins at 800 x 1600 px without having any issues. In fact, they received more engagement than my other pins!

Includes Branding

Pinterest also recommends making your brand the focal point. This makes sense if you are selling a product, you want the item to be prominent in any photography you use. If you don’t sell a product, don’t worry. You can include branding in your pin design by adding a logo, website URL, brand colors and fonts!

Tells A Story

Lastly, Pinterest recommends you design your pin around a story or information. Make your pin stand out by adding a text overlay that provides a compelling headline, context adds to your message.

Tools For Easy Pin Design

We know what Pinterest wants in terms of the pins we design but how do you go about making them? It’s actually incredibly easy and doesn’t require any specialized skills.

Canva Graphic Design

This online graphic design tool is the EASIEST one you will likely ever use. You can get started immediately with their free subscription, and have access to free stock images, hundreds of design templates, and more. As a result, Canva has become the go-to for many online entrepreneurs.

Canva’s simple drag and drop design feature makes designing your Pinterest graphics an easy task. Using their present sizes, you can automatically create pins using the standard size, or create your own custom sizes. If you’re not comforting designing pins from scratch they also provide free templates you can use – just swap out the text for your own, keep or add your photo and voila!

Here’s a short clip showing you how easy Canva really is:

If you ever want to take your designs to the next level, Canva also offers a Pro Plan which gives you access to features like saving your own templates, uploading custom brand fonts, color palettes and more.

Adobe Creative Suite

If you’re more advanced in graphic design than the Adobe Creative Suite is another option to consider. Several of my colleagues’ design pins with Adobe Illustrator. It’s more flexible than Canva, however, if you’re not familiar with Adobe’s Creative Suite they can take time to learn.

Other Useful Pin Design Tips

Lastly, here are some pin design tips that I have picked up, as a Pinterest Manager, that will help your pins stand out and get more clicks.

Premium Stock Images

When I switched from free to premium stock images my engagement rates increased. Why? Pinterest prioritizes fresh images, meaning, if the image you’re using is already circulating on other users pins you won’t get as much distribution. Unfortunately, free stock photos are over used and can hurt your efforts.

On the other hand, Premium stock photography subscriptions are great for Pinterest marketing because the photographs aren’t as widely used and they consistently add new photographs. Plus, they are gorgeous and something I couldn’t capture myself! I use premium stock images from Ivory Mix on all my pins now.

Large Emphasized Text

When designing your pin you want the most important information to stand out and grab someones attention. You can do this a few ways, including making that text larger or choosing a color that stands out.

If all your text overlay is the same size, it’s hard to get your message across or stand out from all the other pins.

Pinterest pins
Love this pin template? Click for more info.

Colors That Pop

Pins that combine colors that work well together get more engagement. Colors should reflect your branding but also look good. You need to be able to read the text overlay on top of the background or image. If it’s to hard to read nobody will click the pin.

Powerful Titles

A strong headline or pin title makes a massive difference! You want to make the reader want to click and find out more. Including power or emotional words in your titles can help turn a boring title into a compelling one. I recommend using CoSchedule Headline Analyzer if you have trouble writing titles.

Keep Your Pins Simple

Lastly, keep your pin designs simple. The best performing pins give enough context for someone to click through without over doing it.

Grab Your Pinterest Templates

You’re now ready to create captivating pins that users can’t help but click! Your visual content is the best tool on Pinterest, which is afterall a visual search engine. Perfect your designs and watch your engagement stats climb!

Don’t forget, you can also grab my 100% customizable Pinterest templates for Canva in the Shop. This bundle includes 7 pin templates, 2:3 ratio, using premium paid stock photographs from Ivory Mix!

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