Inspirational Work Spaces to get you Excited and Motivated to Work

Inspirational Work Spaces to Get You Motivated

Nothing gets me more focused and excited to work than the right environment and workspaces. There are two places I prefer to work – at home or a coffee shop. At home it is quiet and I have access to unlimited amounts of snacking food and drinks. Sometimes I get stir crazy though and need a change of environment so I go to a coffee shop. It is usually a bit noisier (which is sometimes preferable over silence some days) and there are amazing lattes and pastries! It just depends on the day and my mood.

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If your a student, blogger, virtual assistant or work from home, there are many ways to make your workspace work for you.

1. Good lighting

Many of us work from our laptop. Whether or not your writing a term paper, blog post or working on a clients Pinterest account, starring at a screen all day can be hard on our eyes. Good lighting, such as a desk lamp can make a big difference and reduce your risk of eye strain and headaches.

Work space lighting ideas


2. Clutter-free

Minimalism in the Western sense is gaining traction because we’ve realized that clutter causes stress. To get the best out of your workspace, limit the amount of decor (or purchase minimalist decor such as these geometric planters) and create an organization system for loose objects and papers. Also, set up your working area in a part of the house that is not a busy area.

3. Colour

Consider using colours that make you happy – for me that is white and yellow. You can do this by focusing on accent colours for the room (such as a white chair), painting one wall that colour, or getting wall art.


Work spaces with accent colours


4. Scents

Many workplaces today don’t allow scented products due to sensitivities. If you work from home though you don’t have to worry about that. Buy some candles, incense or essentials oils that help you feel calm and focused. Better yet, if you decide to work at a coffee shop you can enjoy the wonderful smell of coffee – that will keep you going!

5. Fresh Air

Many commercial offices spaces lack windows that can be opened (or lack of windows period!). If it won’t distract you, set up your workspace near a window (preferably one not overlooking a busy street) and let in some fresh air. It will help you stay focused and prevent tiredness.

Work spaces with windows for fresh air


6. Plants

Bring some of the outdoors indoors. Studies have shown that indoor plants reduce stress and anxiety as well as enhance cognitive function so it is the perfect thing to have near a workspace. I recommend a snake plant, spider plant or aloe because they are easy to care for.


Modern work spaces with plants

7. Sounds

How much and what sounds a person can work around will vary from person to person. It may also vary from day to day. If you have the house to yourself and enjoy complete silence then that is perfect. However, if you’re like me and get a bit stir crazy and need a little bit of noise and action to truly concentrate then you’ve probably found coffee shops a great place to work. If your unable to get to a coffee shop but want to feel like your in one there is a website called Coffitivity that plays cafe sounds for you.

I hope you’re inspired to add some of these ideas to your workspaces. I find the perfect space can make a huge difference in the quality of my work. Follow my Pinterest board “Creative Workspaces” for more home office and artist studio ideas.

I want to know, how do you make your workspaces work for you? Share in the comments below!


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