Pin Titles Are Here! What You Need To Know

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If you’ve been marketing on Pinterest for some time now you’re probably familiar with the anatomy of a Pinterest Pin. A lot goes into making sure Pinterest knows how to index your content, from the visual content (pin design), the pin’s description, the boards it’s added to AND pin titles.

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In fact, pin titles are going to become even more important in the next few months as Pinterest makes more changes to its platform. Rumour has it that they will soon be required with any pin you add.

So, let’s get familiar with pin titles, how they help with Pinterest SEO, how to add them to your Tailwind schedule (NEW!), best practices and what you need to do with your old pins.

What Is A Pin Title?

Pin titles appear at the top of your pin closeup and sometimes at the bottom of a pin in your smart feed.

If you have rich pins set up, the title is usually pulled from your article, recipe or product title. When manually uploading a pin you can also input your own title text.

Pin titles give more context to the content your pin leads to, in addition to the description and visual content.

Why Are Pin Titles Important For SEO

Since Pinterest’s algorithm relies heavily on keywords, it’s important to include those anywhere you can.

Pin titles add more context about what you’re sharing. Pinterest pulls information from your title, pin description, visuals, board titles and descriptions to decide how to categorize it and who to share it with.

Creating The Perfect Pin Title

Thankfully, Tailwind App who’s been ahead of the upcoming changes provided us with some guidelines to create the perfect pin title for SEO and clicks:

  • Include a simple, compelling headline as your title (up to 100 characters) to help your pin stand out!
  • Be descriptive without being wordy. Only the first 30-35 characters are most likely to show in people’s feeds (especially on mobile).
  • Focus your title on the content of the Pin, and don’t simply repeat what’s already in your description!
  • Avoid “clickbait”…actually, don’t use the word “click”
  • To improve discoverability, try using keywords your audience would be searching for.

How to Schedule Titles in Tailwind

Up until now, the only way to add a custom pin title to your Pins was to manually upload it to Pinterest. Otherwise, the data was pulled from your rich pin data or the beginning of your Pin description.

Tailwind made some recent changes to their app which allows users to add a custom title when scheduling Pins. Sometimes it will be prepopulated with data from your URL or you can customize it with your own.

You’ll see it when you schedule your Pin on Tailwind:

A screenshot of where to put your pin titles in Tailwind app

Do I Have To Change My Old Pin Titles?

If you’ve scheduled pins prior to the changes Tailwind and Pinterest are making you won’t have to change a thing. Your account won’t be affected by old pins without titles.

In fact, moving forward, anything you have in your Drafts, Schedule, Tribes, and Smartloop will be prepopulated with data Tailwind can pull from your metadata.

The Future of Pinterest Pin Titles

Including SEO in your strategy has always been an important part of Pin distribution. With these new changes, they are making it even more necessary to do your keyword research and follow best practices.

Now that you understand the place of Pin titles in your Pinterest SEO strategy you can move forward with confidence.

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