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Pinterest Social Media Manager – That’s Me!

I know you’ve heard of a Social Media Marketing Manager (SMMM), but have you ever heard of a Pinterest Social Media Manager? The two focus on using a platform to market and promote. However, a Pinterest Manager’s expertise is to understand only Pinterest and how it can be used to market and promote.

I’ve been using Pinterest personally probably since its inception in 2010. Back then my boards were full of recipes, happiness quotes and whatever else grabbed my attention. I never considered it to be a business tool until I launched my own blog in February 2018 and later my Pinterest Management biz in July 2018.

Having managed my own and several client accounts I have seen how effective marketing on Pinterest is.

In this post, I’m going to share with you examples of my growth stats but first I want to explain why you should focus on Pinterest marketing alongside your other social media marketing.


Pinterest offers businesses and online creatives a unique way to drive traffic that other social media platforms don’t. The biggest difference is the way it works.

Pinterest is a search engine comparable to the way Google works. It uses keyword searches and image scanning to recommend the right content to visitors. Because of that, it’s not really considered a social media platform but it’s easier to lump it in with them.

With over 25 million users every month searching for something new, and 77 million of them being American, it’s a market with huge potential.

Interestingly, visitors to the platform are more likely to act on your content and drive referrals to your website than other platforms. For example, Pinterest drives:

  • 33% more traffic than Facebook
  • 71% more than Snapchat
  • 200% more than Twitter


In my own experience, this has been true for Instagram as well. Other than search engine traffic, Pinterest is my 2nd biggest source of referral traffic.

Compared to other social media platforms, content shared on Pinterest also has a longer shelf life. For example:

  • Tweets half-life is 24 minutes
  • Instagrams 6-48 hours
  • Facebook posts 2-5 hours.

On the other hand, because Pinterest is so unique and unusual, with the right strategy a pin can continue to drive traffic weeks, months or even years after it’s been shared (source).


Although I can’t share who my clients are, I’m going to share examples of growth I have been able to achieve on different accounts.

First I will share the stats from my own blog and then some client examples (my little blog is nowhere near as successful as what I’ve been able to do for others bahahahaha!).

As I mentioned earlier, I started marketing my website on Pinterest early 2018. When I switched to a business account my average monthly viewers (aka reach) was 173…no extra zeroes. The screenshot below was taken today and as you can see over the last 30 days I am averaging 528,630 viewers.


Now viewers aren’t the most important stat, but it does give you an idea of what your overall reach is on the platform. What I’m most interested in when monitoring growth is Saves and Link Clicks.

Saves are when pinners save your pin to their Pinterest account. This tends to happen often for recipes and other content they don’t want to look at right away but want to save for the future.

Link Clicks are when a pinner clicks the pin to access the content it’s linked to, such as the website or product. This is what we want and the goal of most marketing strategies.

Here are my Link Click stats from the first month marketing my blog content on Pinterest. At the time I probably had maybe 10 posts written. You can see I had basically no referral traffic coming from Pinterest at the time, but by the end of the month, I started to see a little traction.


These are my stats a year later. My average daily Link Clicks have been lower than normal due to the summer season (everyone is out in the sun instead of sitting in front of a screen). Yet, you can see the ebb and flow of Pinterest traffic that often happens from season to season. It also helps when a pin gains traction out of the blue and you get a boost in traffic.



Here are some more examples from my clients:

These are screenshots of the average monthly views (aka. reach) from two of my clients when I took over their accounts in September 2018 and March 2019. The first sign of growth I tend to see on new accounts is their reach climb, which is then followed by engagement in other ways such as Saves and Link Clicks.



These are the same two accounts but with the stats from today. With the right keyword placement, strategic pinning, and unique brand aesthetic I’m able to increase their reach into the millions.


I’m only going to share the Link Click stats from one of my clients whose referrals are more consistent and give the best example of how Pinterest can work for you. This client has a blog to compliment her business which makes driving traffic much easier.

I took her on as a client in March 2019 and her stats from Link Clicks have increased quickly! Within three months of my service, this account has increased from 11 daily Link Clicks to 101. We’ve also seen a few days of viral traffic as you can see in the screenshots below. On May 3rd Pinterest referred 1,048 visitors to her website, and again on May 31, 469 visitors.




So now that I’ve bombarded your brain with all those graphs and stats I’m going to make a plug and inform you about the Pinterest Management services I offer.

There are several reasons why people hire a Pinterest Social Media Manager such as myself. They:

  • aren’t familiar with Pinterest
  • used Pinterest personally but are not familiar using it for business
  • need help setting up the business account
  • aren’t sure where to start marketing
  • are stuck and can’t increase their reach or engagement
  • would like to build a long-term Pinterest marketing strategy
  • are a new blogger learning how to promote on Pinterest
  • are a small business learning how to promote on Pinterest
  • don’t have the time to manage their Pinterest account
  • aren’t comfortable with pin designing
  • hate sitting at their computer and would rather someone else do the grunt work


That’s where I come in! As a Pinterest Social Media Manager, I’m extremely familiar with Pinterest, in fact, most of my day is spent working on client accounts or learning more.

I currently offer several individual services:

  • custom branded pin designs
  • personalized audits
  • business account set up
  • SEO optimizations

And I have my ongoing monthly Pinterest Management package that includes all the services above as well as:

  • analytics monitoring
  • monthly reports
  • unlimited email support

If you would like to learn more about the individual and custom packaged services I offer click through to my business page. You can also skip to my portfolio where you’ll get an idea about my rate and see some pin design examples.

Questions? Send them to [email protected]

Let’s chat soon!


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