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Pinterest Story Pins: How To Fit Them Into Your Pinning Strategy

In September, 2020, Pinterest introduced their latest feature, Story Pins – and it’s looking like they are here to stay! As a result, it’s important that you understand what Pinterest story pins are and how you can use them as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy to reach your audience in more ways.

What Are Pinterest Story Pins?

Pinterest story pins are a carousel type pin very similar to the story posts used on Instagram and Facebook.

They are Pinterest’s answer to connecting creators with their audience in creative ways, while also keeping visitors on the platform longer (more on that later).

Unlike Pinterest’s standard pin image, the new pin format allows creators to become visual storytellers. It also plays along with Pinterest’s priorities of being a place for fresh, inspirational, positive and discoverable ideas.

Instagram vs Pinterest Story Pins

Since Pinterest story pins are VERY similar to the stories on Instagram, it begs the question why should I create story pins on Pinterest as well?

Unlike Instagram stories, Pinterest story pins don’t expire in 24 hours and will be discoverable over time. This means they have the potential to increase engagement for your brand weeks, months, or years down the road.

Who Can Use The Story Pins Format?

Anyone can use Pinterest story pins, whether you have a website or not. This is because they can’t be linked to anything and are meant to be engaged with directly on the platform.

Whether you’re a blogger, or a hobbyist, you can create Pinterest story pins to share your ideas with pinners.

How To Get Story Pins On Pinterest?

Pinterest story pins have been rolling out since September 2020, however, if you live outside of the United States you might not have access yet.

What I have done for my clients in other countries is submit a request for story pins using the form at the top of this page. In most instances they received access to the feature in less than 30 minutes. I’ve heard other users were not given access after submitting a request – if that happens to you, you will need to wait for Pinterest to roll out the feature to your country.

How To Upload A Story Pin: Step-By-Step

You got access to Pinterest story pins (yay!), so now what do you do? Follow these easy steps to create your first Pinterest story pin and publish it!

Step 1:

Once you’re logged in to your account click CREATE, then CREATE STORY PIN. This will open the page where you can upload your story pin images.

Screenshot 548

Step 2:

Add 1 to 20 images or videos which will be uploaded into the Story Pin editor

Screenshot 549 1

Step 3:

Once you’re images or videos are uploaded, you will have the option to change the layout, adjust the size, and add text. If you created your story pin images in Canva you won’t need to add any text overlay, however, if you’re uploading empty images you have the chance to add text here.

Screenshot 550

Click NEXT

Step 4:

Select a details theme from the dropdown menu. Here you can add more details that will show at the bottom of your pin when someone hovers over it. Examples include recipe ingredients, craft supplies, or anything the pinner will need to do what you’re sharing with them.

Screenshot 551

Click NEXT

Step 5:

This is the last page before you publish your story pin. Add your title, board, and up to 10 tags to give Pinterest more information about where they should show your pin.

Screenshot 553


Story Pin Tips And Best Practices

I showed you how to upload a story pin to Pinterest, but in order for you to get the most engagement from your new story pin you should also be thinking about Pinterest’s best practices, which are listed below.


Your Pinterest story pins should be 9:16 aspect ratio, or 1080×1920 pixels. It will automatically be sized to their specifications when you upload, just make sure any pin designs are to size so important information doesn’t get cut off!


If you have video content repurpose them in your story pins. Pinterest has shared they want us thinking “video first” and recommend including a video in the first image to stand out in peoples feeds. Add text overlay since story pins autoplay with sound off.

Be Original:

Because there’s no need to link to content in your story pin, Pinterest prefers users to create original content that has a true beginning, middle and end. They also want your personality to shine through, for pinners to get to know the creator.


Make sure the images you use are crisp, clean, and good quality. If you’re pulling images from different sources to use (eg. stock images), edit them with a filter to make sure the colors are similar and flow together.

How To Use Story Pins For Your Business

Even though you can’t use your Pinterest story pins to send users to your website, product, or service page, there are still benefits for your business.

As of writing this, Pinterest is prioritizing story pins, meaning they are receiving more engagement than standard pin images, and even video pins in some cases. What I’ve seen using them on my clients accounts is how useful they are for increasing reach and engagement in the forms of saves and pin clicks (a.k.a. closeups). This makes story pins perfect for brand awareness.

In addition, if you’re a product seller, story pins are the perfect format to demonstrate how to use your product. If you can get your brand or product on a pinners radar, once they see your product again months down the road they are more likely to buy.

Where to find your analytics

As a business, one of the ways you can track if story pins are working for you is through Pinterest analytics.

Within your regular analytics dashboard, under FORMAT, choose Story Pins. From there you can filter even further by date. At the bottom of your analytics dashboard you will see a list of your Top Pins filtered by Story Pins. You can look at impressions, pin clicks, engagements, and saves to see which story pins are rising to the top. These are topics your audience is probably interested in and can be repurposed into video pins, story pins, more content etc.

Pinterest Story Pin Ideas

I’m always looking for inspiration for story pins and started collecting some favorites in a secret board. You can do the same if you’re not sure where to start and need ideas.

Here are some Pinterest story pins that really stand out to me:


Now you know what a Pinterest story pin is, how to create and upload one following Pinterest best practices, and also how you can use them as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy to further promote your business.

Have you tested Pinterest’s story pins feature? Share your experience in the comments below!

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